Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Optimization

Client Initiative Situation How We Helped Outcome


Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer



S&OP, Process Design and Implementation



Our client sought to optimize its S&OP process and looked to RGP as a partner in their reengineering efforts. 


How We Helped

RGP’s supply chain experts performed a comprehensive assessment of the Client’s current state S&OP processes, including:

  • Documenting current state S&OP processes.
  • Identifying areas for improvement including process, organization, and technology focused initiatives.
  • Developing a detailed business case for each improvement initiative and obtained executive approval.
  • Leading the implementation and roll-out of future state S&OP process including business process, metrics, product family groupings, monthly calendar, and policies.
  • Designing and/or redesigning tools and queries to support the newly implanted process.
  • Developing an S&OP communication and education process.
  • Leading the Client’s S&OP Process Team on an interim basis and facilitating the Team’s monthly meetings.


As an agile and responsive partner, we were critical to the successful reengineering of our client’s S&OP process.  The initiative resulted in a significant reduction in inventory investment, improved order fill rates, and improved service levels on customer orders.  The improved communication between the sales organization and supply chain personnel also allowed for more flexible operations and quicker response to changing market requirements and conditions.