Merger Integration

Overview Approach Capabilities
M&A can be an effective growth strategy. Or it can be a hot mess. RGP has the insight and experience to keep your acquisition on track whether by providing functional or subject-matter expertise to maximize strategic value or by managing the overall integration initiative.

Achieve Strategic Objectives

From due diligence through integration planning/execution and transformation, we work with you to maximize synergy and transaction value from your M&A transaction. The following chart shows our integration timeline.


Our Approach

Hands-on and Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Our Integration Methodology is flexible and scalable and has provided the structural underpinning for integrating companies of all sizes, across virtually every industry. Since no two companies are exactly alike, we tailor our methodology to meet your specific needs. We take a hands-on approach, providing the insights, experience, and support necessary to make sure integration is successful. The chart below shows our high-level methodology.


Our Capabilities

Agility in Integration

The ability to adapt quickly to any contingency is vital to successful M&A. We provide a high degree of agility throughout the integration process. Our capabilities are second to none. We are able to leverage our framework, tools, deliverables and industry knowledge and insights, while also taking a collaborative, hands-on approach with your internal teams. We’ve found that this partnership approach consistently brings success to our clients. Clients choose RGP for:

  • Our proven track record of executing M&A transactions
  • Consultants with 10-20 years of relevant experience
  • Flexibility to use client or our Firm’s methodology to accelerate benefits
  • A results-oriented, cost-effective approach to consulting services