We understand the challenges you face, and we have the experience and expertise to help you meet them. From rapid change to increasing complexity, from growing revenue to containing costs and ensuring compliance—the things that keep you up at night are what get us up in the morning.

“Teamwork is not optional.”
— The Mayo Clinic

A full range of business services

Clients engage us for all kinds of reasons—for insights and advice, for strategy and execution. We offer integrated services across the full range of business disciplines, bringing deep expertise and proven methodologies developed over years of functional and managerial experience. We help business operate more efficiently and achieve sustainable success.



A multidisciplinary approach

Our approach is simple but effective. Focusing on your goals, we devise a plan and determine the right resources to help you succeed. We look for innovative ways to improve business performance while transferring knowledge and building business capability. We pride ourselves on the fact that 100% of our top 50 clients remain year after year.





We are proven professionals with 10-20 years’ experience across a broad range of business disciplines and initiatives. We’re former business leaders from both industry and consulting. We have the expertise and experience to get the job done—from advice through execution.


We help leading organizations all over the world implement a wide range of initiatives. From driving growth to containing costs, from managing risk to enhancing workplace performance, from enriching talent to improving shareholder value, we have the proven approaches and subject matter expertise to lead and execute your critical initiatives.


Insights from working with the world’s leading companies

globes_chartWe work with companies across all industries, helping to implement initiatives that transform business. With each engagement, we gain new insights into how to increase efficiency, productivity, and creativity.  Applying what we learn helps clients build operational excellence and sustainable competitive advantages. Sharing knowledge helps our people and our clients’ people.

Sharing what we’ve learned

We created RGP Academy to share what we learn with both employees and clients. We host discussions, presentations and webcasts and post white papers and case studies that offer insights that have immediate and profound application. Each month, live via the web, we discuss evolving business issues. We also offer customized training on specific regulatory matters. Sessions are complimentary and typically offer one CPE credit. Past session recordings are also available. Find out more about RGP Academy here. [more]